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The Bottom Line 2022

$35,335 raised

$40,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

We have much to be thankful for during this holiday season. The Texas Diaper Bank celebrated 25 years of service to the San Antonio and Texas community this year. Your support of the Texas Diaper Bank has helped us achieve this important milestone. Thank you for supporting our work and mission to eliminate the diaper gap in Texas.

The Bottom Line: every baby deserves a change. The Texas Diaper Bank serves more and more clients annually, and we work to continue to meet the increasing demand. The Texas Diaper Bank has already distributed 873,000 diapers, 102,650 incontinence products, and 41,050 period supplies to over 18,180 clients in the year's first half. However, there’s more work to be done.

Today, more families need our help. The diaper need in Texas continues to grow, chiefly as diapers increase in price. Families seeking assistance from the Texas Diaper Bank share that their biggest spend at the grocery store is diapers, which can be hundreds of dollars monthly with a newborn. Federal programs like Medicaid, WIC, and SNAP do not cover diapers for families like Kimberly’s, further straining limited financial resources.

The Bottom Line: families like Kimberly’s need our help. Kimberly is a working mother with three older daughters and a six-month-old son. She has always worked, but she had difficulty finding work during the pandemic. After her son was born during the pandemic, Kimberly had a hard decision to make. With most childcare requiring families to provide a week’s worth of diapers, Kimberly worried she wouldn’t be able to afford the diaper cost. As Kimberly’s savings dwindled and her financial stress increased, she learned about the Texas Diaper Bank and began receiving diapers for her son and feminine products for her daughters.

Kimberly shared, “I am so grateful for the Texas Diaper Bank. I have 101 things going on, but it felt so good to come home and remember that the Texas Diaper Bank remembered me and sent a delivery of diapers. I can sleep with peace of mind knowing my child has diapers and my girls have feminine products.”

Please help us meet the Bottom Line this holiday season by donating today. Your generous tax-deductible contribution to the Bottom Line Campaign will help the Texas Diaper Bank continue our vital work to serve clients and families like Kimberly and her family. Will you join us by making a gift today?

Together, we are creating change, one baby and diaper at a time.