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Help Us Meet the Bottom Line

$55,352 raised

$25,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

The Bottom Line: we need your help today to meet our community’s demand. Over 2 million Texas children under the age of four live in poverty. One in three seniors – over 11 million Texans – need incontinence products, and too many rely on a fixed income that barely covers their basic needs. One in five menstruators between the ages of 12-44 have missed work or school because of a lack of access to period supplies. As the Texas Diaper Bank serves more and more clients annually, we work hard to keep up with demand. This year we have currently

distributed over 1.5 million diapers, 235,000 incontinence products, and 172,000-period supplies to over 55,000 clients.

The Bottom Line: people like Rosemary need our help. “We were so excited for her to be born,” recounts Rosemary, thinking about her granddaughter, “but then she came too early and tested positive for methamphetamine.” Only three days after the birth of her granddaughter, Rosemary found herself as the legal guardian of an 8-week premature infant. “I was scared and overwhelmed by the idea of starting over,” Rosemary said, “I was 57 years old, and now I had a small baby to take care of.” She found herself thinking, “what did I get myself into?” At the time, the only income Rosemary received was from her Social Security benefits.

Thankfully, a CPS caseworker connected Rosemary with the Texas Diaper Bank. Now, Rosemary says our programs have been lifesaving. “I wish more people knew about the Texas Diaper Bank because they provide so much more than diapers.” She continues, “the employees are so helpful and provide an amazing support system, and I’ve learned so much from the classes.”

During this holiday season, please help us meet the Bottom Line by donating today. Your generous tax-deductible contribution to the Bottom Line Campaign will help the Texas Diaper Bank continue our critical work to serve clients like Rosemary. Will you help us by making a gift today?

Together, we are creating change, one baby and diaper at a time.